Best Ways to Boost Your Social Media Marketing for Less than 5$ Per Week

Does your interaction with clients through social media marketing disappoint you?

Even if you’ve had the most engaging posts, you can’t seem to generate the social dialogue with your clients that you merit.

Your Facebook posts are getting lost in client’s newsfeeds and your Tweets aren’t getting mentions?

Don’t get discouraged; It’s just the reality of how businesses need to pay to get attention and see the interaction you’re working hard for. And you can achieve this for less than a fiver a week.

Social Media Marketing 5$ Per Week

Promoting Facebook Video Videos:

Here is some bonus guidance for our advanced users that produce video content.

An easy and affordable way to receive exposure through social media is to upload video on Facebook. Advertising your video for just $1.00 per day for a two-week time span, you could get close to 500 views (especially if you optimize the video properly and the content is captivating)

Do all of the views come from the advertisement? No. But giving the video an initial “push” helps a video gain organic traction in addition to the advertisement views.

If you don’t have time to do that then no problem simply buy Facebook video views and boost your video instantly.

Paying To Play

Facebook developed an algorithm called EdgeRank a few years ago to ensure only the most useful content is displayed in our personal newsfeeds.

Your firm’s page will be judged by your ability of your content to engage. Unless you’ve already obtained a huge social following (which typically requires a budget, time and effort) you will need to get your content in front of your target audience once again.

You only have to set aside a small budget to achieve more social engagement. You’ll be kicking yourself for not investing a few pounds a day earlier in your campaign when you read some of our ideas.

Boosting Facebook Posts:

Adding just £1 in promotion to all of your Facebook posts will increase your interaction. You will see a spike in communication when you boost your post for a small budget.

Below, you’ll see a financial adviser business that has around 100 Facebook fans. A simple $10.00 boost resulted in 137 people either liking, commenting, sharing their post or clicking through to their website. This is well above the typical amount of interaction that they receive.

Bear in mind, the more compelling the post that you’ll be boosting, the more engagement it will receive. A simple $1.00 post for a company Facebook page with fewer than 1,000 “Likes” will work wonders.

Invest $2.00 per week on your two most captivating Facebook posts. This will cost you $8.00 for the month and you will see a consistent boost in your Facebook interaction for the month.

Promoting Tweets:

You will have seen promoted tweets in your stream. And now it is easy for businesses of all sizes to start reaping the benefits of the Twitter advertising platform. Since Twitter became a publicly traded company, the micro blogging website is clearly trying to generate more profit for their bottom line.

If you are running a Twitter account, pick a compelling tweet where you are asking a question that requires a response. You’ll want to set-up a sponsored Tweet that targets your core demographic and advertise this tweet for £3. Don’t expect your tweet to go viral, but watch it become one of your top performing tweets for the month. And it will only cost you £3.00 to run.

After you see the results with putting some money behind tweets, it will open your mind to additional opportunities for generating great interaction on Twitter.

So there you go:

Follow our formula above and you will receive great social interaction for just $1 per day ($20 for the month).

The reality of social media is that unless you pay to play, your content is likely to get buried. If you are creative with your social media posts and allocate just $1 per day to your campaigns, your content can catapult past your local competitors.

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