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How To Turn On Followers On Facebook:

Before placing order first thing you need to activate follow option in your profile.  Your friends automatically follow you. In this video I’ll show exactly how to active follow me button:



Facebook Friends Vs Facebook Followers:

FB friends & followers are different, facebook just allow 5000 Facebook friend request in 1 profile. After that unable to send friend request anybody. But if your follow button is on your all requests convert into followers. These are not your friends but when you post something on your timeline it’s reach to these people who’re your friend and also who follow you. It’s very important for your business to informed about breaking news & entertained your fans through interesting content every time.

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The number of your followers in their account playing an important role to attract other peoples.. Everyone wants to boost their followers because it’s help to increase popularity. You can promote your products or services on it.

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