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Buy Facebook Video Views

Do you wanna Buy Facebook video views and make your video viral? We provide 100% real and active Facebook video views at a cheap price.

Order from 3000 views to 100,000 video views with extra fast delivery. If you’re looking for a way to boost those much-needed video views on your Facebook account, consider our services at We have what you need to get your reputation and credibility to a higher level by increasing your viewership numbers. 


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Buy Real Facebook Video Views Cheap:


buy facebook video views


Our prices are very affordable from the other social media services provider. You can buy Facebook views at cheap prices from 1000 views in 0.60$.

We start work in a very short time after a successful transaction. Make sure you add a Facebook video link when you pay for that. If you don’t know how to find the video link simply right-click on the time of your video and click copy link address that’s it. Make sure your video is public, not private.   

Benefits Of Buying Facebook Views?

There are 2 advantages of purchasing views for your Facebook video:

Improve Social Proof: If you want to get more customers and clients for your business you need social proof before doing anything. People are more interested in those things where already lots of people discuss something. If you’re a newbie then it’s harder to get the trust of your customer because no one knows about your brand. If you want to become popular with your brand or your business you want social proof. If someone comes to your video and see lots of views likes and comments. Of course, the new person will decide quickly to view more of your videos.

Lots of Visitors: If you get views on your video it also increases the number of shares. People will share your video day by day and your video goes viral in a short time. In those days just need a little boost for your video to viral.    

Why Do You Need To Buy Facebook Video Views Cheap?

Sometimes businesses just don’t have the time or general knowledge to absorb all there is to know about getting the views they need to provide their Facebook account with the perfect videos to help your content go viral. If your video is much attractive and people love you will definitely get more views because they will share your video with their friends and your video will go viral in a very short time.

Videos are the best way to engage the audience in your service or product which you want to sell. Facebook videos get more attention instead of text and pictures. Without views, users will never attract to play your video and watch till the end. That’s why lots of people Buy FB video views to get more attraction to their videos. Here is an example of 1 of our clients. A few days ago they buy video views and get this result: 

buy facebook video views cheap price

How To Find Facebook Video Link?

If you are online from your laptop or PC then right-click on the video and select Show video URL. After that, it’s showing the URL at the top of your video. Simply copy your video link with CTRL+C and send it. 
If you are online from mobile then open your video now click on 3 dots on the right side as showing in screen short, next click on the copy link and send it.   

how to find facebook video link

Is it safe to buy views for Facebook videos?

Yes, it’s 100% safe and Facebook has no problem at all. We will not ask you to provide your Facebook login access, just need your video link and your patience. Buy 500 video views.

How long does it take to see results?

We’ll start working on it within 24 hours after receiving your order! The delivery time depends on the package you’ve chosen. Each package has its own delivery time.

Best place to buy Facebook video views:

With our very knowledgeable technical staff available to help you, clients will appreciate our in-depth understanding of how Facebook works. We know what it takes to get those video views ranked very high. We love happy customers who are impressed with the results we help them get. And our company feels strongly about all the time and effort you have put into your Facebook video.
Let us help YOU get great results from putting in the hard work with your video by buying Facebook video views to take your video productions to a higher level.

Buy Facebook Marketing Services:

Buy Facebook marketing services to grow your online business & build a reputation. We also provide some other Facebook services which are helpful for you.

  • Buy Facebook Page Likes: If you have an online business you want to buy Facebook page likes to get more customers.

  • Buy Facebook Photo Likes: Low numbers of likes on photos will not get better results on Facebook. Buying this service will help to get more people attracted.
  • By Facebook Recommendations: If you’re selling something on the Facebook page, people will definitely see previous customer reviews. You will get new customers based on your previous user reviews.
  • Buy Facebook Followers: You can buy Facebook page followers or profile followers now in one place.


If you have any questions you may ask me before buying our social media services.

What are Facebook Views?

Facebook and Instagram 3 second viewing a video considered one view. That is very important if you want to make money.

24/7 Customer Support

If you’re facing any problem related to the delivery of our services or want to pay with any other payment method, you may contact us any time.

Secure Payment

Usually, we accept PayPal payments which are secure and trusted payment options. You may choose any other option via contact with support.

Quick Delivery Time

After placing your order we start your order as soon as possible. Your order will be done as we mention in pricing table.

Affordable Prices

Our all social media services rates are affordable because we do all orders our-self instead of other resellers.

Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied or we can’t deliver your order on time a full refund will be guaranteed in 24hrs.


Most frequent questions and answers of customers before buying Facebook followers.
Within 24 hours after we’ve receive your PayPal verified order, we’ll start promoting your page to thousands of Facebook users. We’ll stop promoting your page when the ordered quantity is achieved. No bots will be used and all followers delivered by us are 100% real.
We’ll start working on it within 24 hours after receiving your order! The delivery time depends on the package you’ve chosen. Each package has its own delivery time. But sometime we delay if we receive lots of orders at once.
We offer PayPal because it’s safe and secure and customer demand but if you don’t have this option to pay then you Bitcoin, Skrill, Payoneer as our payment method. Still can’t find what your looking for? Use our contact form and we’ll get back at you as soon as possible.
There are many reason you buy social media services from us. Likesbee is the best place to buy Facebook followers because we provide in cheap prices from others, better quality, fast speed and non drop followers. No one else give you this kind of services in the market. 
Yes of course, it’s safe to buy Facebook video views or any other social media services from LikesBee. We use safe method to deliver our services with zero percent risk.
At that time no one follows someone who has 50 or 100 followers. Give some reason to follow your account, so the first impression made with buying lots of followers, getting more followers will help to grow your followers quickly.
As with anything in the internet world, you have to be careful of being scammed. When it come to buying Facebook views there are many scammers out there. There are hundreds of sites that offer very cheap prices. So, you have take precautions and make sure that the website you are buying from is completely legitimate.
Once you do buy video views, they will be delivered to your page almost immediately. Before placing the order on any website you must need to checkout online reviews about the website.