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Difference between Facebook Likes Vs Followers


There are many people who ask this question on the internet what’s the difference between Facebook likes and Facebook followers here are the complete details about this topic I share.

What’s the difference between Facebook Likes Vs Followers?

Before telling you which option is good, you just need to know what’s the difference between like and follow on Facebook:

If someone clicks on the Like button that means the person who clicks on it that is your fan.

In the second option Follower button for those who want to receive your post and updates in their newsfeed.

When you like any page, you will automatically follow as well. All content from the page you see on your Facebook front page (News Feed).

What is more important Like or Follow?

As you know Facebook officially announce they will close the like button from all pages in the future. People will only have the option to follow the same like Instagram. That’s why focusing on Followers does not like it because in new Facebook design no more like button, you will get more engagement from there.

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