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5 Secret Ways To Get Facebook Video Views

5 Secrets to get more Facebook video views

Do you want to grow Facebook video views? Venturing into video marketing is an excellent choice, whether you’re creating educational content or solely product-focused advertisements. In the modern era, a video is a prominent part of any marketing strategy. Now that you’ve gotten into video marketing, it’s time to figure out one of the most challenging parts; figuring out how to get more Facebook views. 

It’s a daunting task getting Facebook users to pay attention to your content. You have to come up with a plan if you don’t want to keep your prospects from scrolling past your videos. We’ll look at some tips that can help increase your Facebook views.

1). Focus on creating content specifically for Facebook:

Facebook usually emphasized how important originality is. According to a blog post talking about video ranking algorithm factors, social platforms are now more serious and keen about reducing the distribution of content that isn’t original. If you’re planning to recycle the videos you produce for Youtube as Facebook videos in your marketing strategy, you might end up not getting the results you expect. In simple terms, if you want to get more views on your Facebook videos, you should create content specifically for Facebook.

A Facebook marketing strategy is essential. The process requires significant effort, but it actually works well. If you are wondering how to create fresh content that helps the viewer, the right strategy will help you deliver the best videos according to what your target audience wants. It is important to realize that it is about more than just appeasing the ranking algorithms for videos. This is important because the type of audience you want to reach on Facebook is unique, therefore the content of your video should also be unique. You can try asking your followers what type of content they’d like to see on your platform.

2). Study your competition:

Facebook rolled out the opaque metric called relevance score in 2019. It’s basically like the Google quality score, but it’s a version that’s a bit confusing. The score has three new placements, and one of the most important is quality ranking. It involves measuring the quality of your ads compared to other people creating content for your target audience. Therefore, if your content isn’t as good as the content people competing for the same audience are creating, you might not get enough views. When you have a high-quality ranking, you get two types of rewards: your ads will be shown more frequently than your competitors. 

The other reward is that you’ll earn discounts accrued from impressions and optimization too. You enjoy more views on your Facebook videos at inexpensive prices when your ranking is good. When doing video marketing, you already know your competitors. If you don’t then find out by doing some research.

3). Buy Facebook video views:

You can also use the simple and reliable method, which is buying views for your Facebook videos. This is excellent if you don’t have the time to attempt the other options. There are many different packages to choose from at very affordable prices on The views you buy will give the impression that your videos are more popular. 

This makes a lot of viewers have an interest in following your platform and viewing more of your content. The main benefit of buying viewers is it doesn’t require any effort. To be honest, not many people have the time to put in the work to increase the views and engagement on their Facebook videos. You’ll easily reach a wider audience with the views you purchase, and that’s the main goal. LikesBee is the best place to purchase your views without breaking your bank, and you still get all the results you expect.

What are the advantages of buying Facebook video views?

There are lots of benefits to purchasing views for your Facebook videos but here are the two main advantages of buying these services:

Make your videos viral:

Once you buy video views there many many chances your videos become viral on social media. At the start, you want some views and few likes which means people are interested to watch your videos and the Facebook auto system thinks that your video content is good and they rank your videos and many chances to come in suggested videos as well.

Increase Video Engagement:

People are not interested to watch those videos which do not already have some likes and views because they think these videos are nothing even without watching but if you have some views and likes people most of the people will start watching your videos and then you have more engagement.

4). Add captions and make audio optional:

Approximately 85% of Facebook videos aren’t watched with sound. It’s unclear how many people usually watch Facebook videos with sound, even with Facebook now auto-playing videos with sound on the mobile News Feed. Facebook users can disable the feature that auto-plays videos with sound. Most people find it convenient to scroll through their News Feed without having disruptive audio from videos; since they might be somewhere where the sound would cause a lot of distractions. If you want to reach a wider audience to increase engagement and views, you should ensure your videos are comprehensible even without sound. 

It doesn’t matter what you’re marketing, your audience shouldn’t have any problem understanding what message you’re trying to get across. If you a viewer is in a surrounding that doesn’t allow them to play the audio, and they notice your video can be understood without sound, they’ll continue watching. You can also take the risk of telling your story through visual images alone.

5). Focus on the main point:

You should focus on having easy-to-understand points if you want to create a sharable video. When your video is easy to understand, viewers will most likely share it with other users and increase your views. It makes it much easier for them to explain what your video is about when they decide to share it with other people. Try and think from your audience’s point of view on why they would want to share your videos. Think about that even before you write the script. Some of the main reasons why people decide to share videos are:

  • To make other people laugh either family, friends, or colleagues
  • To express their opinion on different topics
  • To be social
  • Wanting to prove they found out something first
  • For a humble-brag

Ask yourself whether your videos help your audience achieve any of the above reasons.


Being able to create a solid strategy to increase the views on your Facebook videos isn’t easy. However, with the right tips and enough research, you can get the best results. You can decide which tips you will use to get the results you need. You have to fully analyze your target audience to know what tips will work best. The simple and most effective method is buying views for your Facebook videos, it works for everyone. However, you can incorporate all these methods for even better results.


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