Before You Use Facebook Paid Ads

If you are considering using paid advertising on Facebook to send traffic to your website, then you must first consider your current situation. Do you intend to send traffic to sales pages in order to sell your products and service? Lets assume that you do.

Facebook Paid Ads

You have products and/or services on your website that you intend to promote using Facebook paid advertising. Firstly you need to understand a metric called ROI. This stands for Return On Investment, Basically it is the calculation of how much money you make compared to how much you spend.

To work out your maximum potential ROI you must firstly know how much profit on average you will make per sale. Ideally to make any profit at all using Facebook paid advertising, your clear profit per sale should be over $100 before advertising costs.

How to do paid advertising on Facebook?

Buy Facbeook page likes: Before you use Facebook Ads Campaign, If you can clear average minimum $100 per sale then you have the potential to use Facebook ads to promote your business, anything less than $50 per sale is going to leave you in danger of making big losses.

Facebook ads budget:

Most Facebook ads campaigns will start out at a loss but as long as you have the $100 profit margin per sale then you have the potential to tweak your campaign into a profitable one.

You should consider that its going to cost you from $50 – $100 per 100 people to your website and website conversions will be from 1% to 5% on a good campaign. So you have the potential @ $100 per sale to make from $100 – $500 for every $100 that you spend on advertising.

You will need to setup your Facebook paid ads to target countries that you can deliver to and also to target the people most interested in your products, you can target male or female, country, town, interests and work places. be creative and clever with your targeting as it can be the difference between success and failing.

The next thing to do once you have selected your target audience is to have 2 to 4 different versions of your sales page using A/B split testing software. The software will direct traffic to different versions of your sales pages and slowly over time work out which version of your page gets the highest conversions.

Add Facebook Pixel:

You can add the Facebook tracking pixel to your website as well in order to track the performance of your targeting. You will eventually end up reducing or eliminating spending on traffic that will never convert, increasing spending on traffic that does convert and also delivering the highest converting sales pages to the best converting traffic.

This post is not a step by step how to do Facebook advertising post, it is simply a heads up before you start investing money in ads that you will likely see no return on.

Get your self a solid marketing strategy that is set to test and increase your conversions every day, do not blindly advertise without collecting and examining data or you will surely lose money and you may never use paid advertising again. Do not ruin the potential to use paid ads by doing it wrong.

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