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How To Create A Successful Facebook Video

How To Create A Successful Facebook Video

Facebook is the most popular social media platform, especially for businesses. It has the highest number of
users compared to Twitter and Instagram. Some business owners even consider it essential for the success of their companies. This could be true because most people spend most of their time online on social platforms like Facebook. The advantage of Facebook is the provision made for groups and pages.

Pictures are a good way of marketing or passing on an important message. Facebook users have taken advantage of this making it the bulk of what you find in the Facebook news feed. Videos, however, are more attention-grabbing and have the ability to engage users more. To make sure your videos are successful, consider these;

Fun and interesting Video.

The first important thing is to make sure that your videos are relevant and interesting. Since most people
browse on Facebook for entertainment, you don’t want to bore users with your videos. You are better off having one video that is fun and informative than five that no one will have a second look at. When people find ads that are
worth their time, they might even go back and watch it again or share the video with their friends.

Short and precise Video.

A long video will definitely be a put-off so ensure that you make your videos as short as possible and that you communicate your message without too much detail. On mobile phones, Facebook videos will loop so someone doesn’t really have to click on the video but will watch a few seconds. When looping, it is usually silent so try to create a video that will speak even without the audio.

Native videos.

Videos that are uploaded directly to Facebook will be given priority on the Facebook news feed over those that are
uploaded from another platform like YouTube or linked. So you are better of uploading directly to Facebook, this will make it more visible. To make your video even more visible, then make it a Facebook ad. Go ahead and pay to make sure that your ad is targeted at a specific audience or even friends of friends.

Facebook is great for advertising and any business which takes advantage of it will find that they are getting more customers. Although Facebook pages are good platforms to market your product, most people will not really visit your page to look at what you have unless it is something they need. To capture the attention of these people who
are on Facebook to be entertained, then you need to provide content that will captivate them. With good well-thought hand structured videos, you are on your way to finding more customers. Just make sure to consider these tips when
creating your video to make sure it is successful.

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