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How To Get More Facebook Video Views

how to get more facebook video views

With billions of users worldwide, Facebook is a marketing platform with great potential. However, only a small percentage of marketers who use it report success. Even so, algorithms that run Facebook continue to improve the user’s experience. In this case, as a marketer, you should find out what you are missing. In other words, what prevents you from realizing success?

Today, one of the improvements adopted by the platform is the use of video content. Statistics show that over 4 billion watch Facebook videos daily. You may witness skewed numbers considering that the videos play even before you click them. However, it is hard to ignore that these numbers are still very high. The truth is that Facebook videos are an efficient way of engaging with your customers. More so, they are fun, and people are going to like them. The tips below will teach you how to get more Facebook video views.

Inform your Subscribers before Uploading Video

One way to ensure you get more Facebook video views is by sending broadcast messages to your subscribers. Send them a broadcast email mentioning the time you will be going live. Additionally, remember to hint at what you are going to talk about in your video and how it is going to benefit the viewers. You can include a teaser to create curiosity among your followers. Most importantly, make sure that you include a link to your Facebook page.

Upload the Video Directly on Your Page

One of the many good things about uploading videos directly on your Facebook page is that you get more views than sharing a link. Facebook also ensures that every like on your directly uploaded video counts as a like on your page. If you want to hits two birds with one stone, you should try direct video upload.

Actively Engage Your Viewers

Throughout the video, ensure you engage your viewers by encouraging their comments. You can also do so by asking engaging questions such as “Does that make sense? Do you get what I mean?” You can also ask them to comment on their location. Even if you are going to get a simple ‘yes’ for an answer, it makes a big difference.

Optimize your Videos

Once you are through with your live video broadcast, Facebook gives you the option to optimize it by editing the title and including a call to action. While creating the title, make sure you use the specific keyword you want to show when one is searching for the video. Keywords are essential as Facebook will automatically pick up those keywords and will display them once someone searches your video. Additionally, search engines also pick up the keywords as well.

After creating the title, create a friendly description of your video. It should describe to your viewers what the video is about and it should include a link. To complete your video optimization, remember to add tags in the tags section. They should be relevant to the content in the video.

Boost Your Live Video

Once you edit all the parameters of your video, you need to boost it to ensure it reaches the targeted audience. To do so, you have to select a budget, the target audience, and the mode of promoting the video. You can also use Facebook ad manager if you want to access more options as a specific target audience. Doing this gives you the freedom to choose your audience’s location, demographics, and ad placement among other possibilities.

Know the Right Time to Post your Video

Timing when to upload your video is very critical as it determines the number of views you will get. You should upload when most people are online which on average is from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. If you are going to make videos on the weekend, you should not post before 8 a.m. or after 8 p.m.

Share Your Facebook Video on Other Platforms

After uploading a Facebook video, you will market it, and the best way to do it is by sharing it on other social media platforms. Embedding the video link on your blogs gives you cross-traffic to your page. After the views have died, re-share the video both on your wall as well as on your page. The more you share your video, the more people will view it.

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