How To Manage Facebook Top Fan badge Option On Page

Do you want to know how to manage top fan badge on Facebook page? This option will help to get better result. Facebook recently launch top fan badge option in all fan pages. This badge is a sign of most active users on page. You’re eligible for top fan badge option if you are the most active fan on page.

how do you become a top fan on Facebook?

That is possible with like, share and comment to their posts. When you qualify for it then you will receive a notification, simply accept and you will have a badge next to your name. This option is publicly showing target fans. Page admin can’t give you best fan badge, only Fb gives and update this everyday. In short way like that page and click on see first so you can’t miss any post from them. Like their post continuously and give your suggestion in comment related to their topic. Important note: Badges are not forever. If you don’t active, of course you will lose your badge.

How To Remove a Badge From Top Fans?

If you want to remove a badge from a top fan simply

  • Go to page
  • Click on community on the left side
  • Choose the person you want to remove the badge
  • Click on remove top fan badge.

top fan badge option

How To turn Off All Top Fan Badges?

  • Open your page
  • Select Facebook badges option from left column.
  • Click on turn off top fan badges.

How to Turn On Top Fan Badge for Facebook Fan Pages:

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