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How To Increase Facebook Group Members

How ToIncrease Facebook Group Members

Do you want to increase your Facebook group members? Well, I receive lots of messages on Facebook from my friends on how to get lots of members. I will share a unique method how to get more people to join your Facebook group:

1: Invite Friends:

If your group is new you need to start adding from your personal account. If you have 1000 or 2000 friends you invite your friends into the group. They will receive a notification. If you want targeted members you just search on Facebook for anything whatever is your niche. Open groups and send a friend request to the group members. In this case, you will easily get 500 to 1000 friends.

You may use javascript for adding members fast. Simply search on Google “Facebook group members adding script” and you will see lots of results there. If not then you may contact us I will give you free of cost.

2: Welcome New Members:

Remember to welcome new members to your group when they join. Growing your group will be easier if you do this. If you don’t know how to welcome new members to a Facebook group then no need to worry, follow these steps:

  • Open your Facebook group
  • Click on the people option
  • Click on write welcome post  

facebook group welcome post

3: Post on your other social media:

If you’re using Instagram, Twitter, and other social media accounts you can put your link there and ask your followers to join it. Post an attractive image so people click on them.

4: Buy Facebook Group Members:

Many people want to buy group members, but don’t know where to buy them since Facebook does not allow advertising for getting members, so finding a reliable vendor is difficult.

If you don’t have time to do anything you just buy Facebook group members from We will provide you with 100% real and active members. We have a big team.

Make sure you add a good cover photo, and a nice group name related to your niche so people easily understand what’s the purpose of this group. In 1 day must add 3 to 4 images for engagement. Do some giveaways in your group in a week. Don’t forget to write a description.


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