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Difference Between Likes and Followers On Facebook Page

Difference between Likes and Followers

Many customers ask me this question before buying Facebook likes and followers services to describe the difference between likes and followers on the Facebook business page.

Facebook Likes VS Followers:

Facebook page likes and followers both have importance with their features. Here are the complete details of their features and setting options:
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What happens if you like a page on Facebook:

If someone just likes your page it means the person loves the page and they give support to like a page and this page will also show in his/her about section where lots of pages showing who like the user ever. In this case lots of companies targeting to showing their ads to those people who like that page which is included in your list. So you will see lots of sponsored posts as well.

What happens if you follow a page on Facebook:

Bit if you just follow this page then it’s not possible to target you for any campaigns and no one knows what kind of pages you follow. In that case, you will receive this page every single post in your newsfeed, this is also depending on your interest, if you like, comment or share page post more and more and this page will show up again and again.

Usually, when you like a page on Facebook it will make you automatically following that page too. So, there are a few options you can choose later:

How would you like to show the post in your news feed?

  1. See First – You will receive every post which will be posted on that page.
  2. Default – You will receive the post as default.
  3. Unfollow – You don’t want to receive any post in your news feed.

You may also edit notifications, there are two options:

  • On highlight posts
  • All off

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