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How To Search On Facebook Without An Account

How To Search on Facebook Without An Account

Two Methods Of Facebook Search

Do you want to know how to search on Facebook without sign up account? There are many ways to search Facebook without an account or without logging in, there are many apps and api’s that you may use. Though here I am about to share with you the two easiest and safest ways to search Facebook without logging into an account.

Facebook has its own directory that anyone can use even if they are not logged in, simply visit the website and add /directory to the url in the address bar. or search for the Facebook directory on google. Once you are on the Facebook directory page you are then able to search for and pages, places or people who are on Facebook with their privacy settings set to public.

How to get more Facebook video views? If you login to Facebook you will actually be able to do a lot more detailed search including using location filters, school attended filters, birth place filters etc. Searching while logged in is a lot more effective.

Google Search Facebook Method 2

The Google method of searching Facebook without being logged in or even having an account is a lot easier than method one. I like this one a lot more. Go to search engine and then type in the words into the address bar. Instead of pressing enter at this point you simply click the space bar. Then the words “Search Facebook” will show up in the address bar in blue.

Now anything that you type into the address bar will be searched for on the Facebook search system via google. Searching Facebook without n account is easy though it is many times more effective to search when logged it, so many more features and much better search results.

Why Search Facebook Without Logging In?

There are 2 reasons that I can think of for you trying to search Facebook without logging in, The first reason is that you do not actually have an account. In this case I would suggest that you sign up. You only give the info that you want to give and only become friends with people that you choose to. If you set your privacy settings up correctly then Facebook is actually a very safe and private website.

The second reason that I can think of for you trying to search without logging is is so that no one knows who you searched for? The fact is that if you search for someone and visit their profile they will never know that you did it, there are no notifications for such activities.

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